Ordering with Segura

We have been strategically partnering with Segura for 6 years, this partnership has allowed us to develop our online ordering platform into a powerful asset for us and our business partners. We can also utilise Segura in advising our business partners of their manufacturers’ chain of custody in addition to their ethical and sustainable profiles.

TRS online ordering solution and our partnership with Segura

TRS have invested heavily in the very latest hardware and software technology to facilitate a consistantly smooth ordering and production process.

Whether you simply want to confirm who you source from, identify areas for efficiency savings or ensure your supply chain is ethical, the TRS online ordering solution provides you with all the information to make the difference. TRS are one of only two label suppliers within the UK that are registered as Segura partners.

Quick and easy to set up and deploy, the platform can be integrated with existing audit and compliance solutions, as well as ERP and PLM systems, providing a simple adoption and transition