What makes TRS Worldwide?

A question we are asked regularly, what makes TRS Worldwide? And quite rightly, in an era of increasing activists and conscious consumers, we want to know more about companies and their core values.

To answer the question, we explain our 3 core values… SUSTAINABILITY, QUALITY and TRUST. These 3 values work in unity to create TRS Worldwide! 


Sustainability sits on top of our venn diagram because creating a sustainable supply chain helps us to build quality and trust. Our passion for people and the environment enables us to work effectively, driving change in the industry. Such as creating recycled polyester yarn, made from 100% recycled plastic bottles (rPET) and is certified by GRS (The Global Recycling Scheme). PET plastic made from oil and petrochemicals can be recycled into rPET. The plastic content of rPET has been recycled so the material is produced without exhausting natural resources. To ensure our sustainability standards are put to the test we regular carry out our own research and development. We are FSC™ (Forest Stewardship Council) certified, meaning all our wood based products are supplied from FSC™ standard woodland and promote the practice of sustainable forestry worldwide. We also partner with accredited associations such as Oblong Trees, we are currently in our second year of a 10 year scheme, sponsoring the planting of trees around the world to offset our carbon footprint (click here to read more on sustainability). 

Quality is established in every part of our production process, from supplying ethical materials to our seamless ordering system. We work with Segura, an efficient online ordering platform that provides traceability. Quick and easy to set up and deploy, the platform can be integrated with existing audit and compliance solutions. Let’s not forget the quality of our end products; packaging, labels and trims! All our products are resilient and timeless, made with excellent craftsmanship. Our transparency and delivery of trust helps to future-proof our business. Our quality service is evident in all our testimonials (click here to read more). 

Trust equates to honesty, we pride ourselves on our honest and hardworking employees. By placing people at the heart of our value-chain we ensure trustworthy and ethical practices. We believe in fostering a community and inspiring our collaborators to strive for innovation. Our specialist team has a wealth of experience and expertise from design to manufacturing. This gives us a competitive advantage to be flexible and work according to our clients design guidelines. We want to create enduring change and push boundaries to be authentic and responsible. Another important factor for trust is cost and we ensure our prices are keenly priced.  

These 3 core values allow TRS Worldwide to be a self-driving company that is a trustworthy enabler of sustainability.