We are in our fifth year of a 10 year plan to become carbon neutral with our partner in sustainability “Oblong Trees”. We are planting trees in Australia, Mount Kenya Reforest and Farms, Malawi Farms and Communities and not forgetting the UK.

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422 Million tonnes of CO2 are produced by the UK each year.
We need between 1.5 and 3 billion more trees to become carbon neutral.
There are 35 million people employed within the UK.
If each business planted 120 trees per employee then we would have planted over 3 billion more trees.

It’s worth thinking about!

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TRS have taken it upon our-selves to carry out our own research and development. We have designed packaging to reduce or eliminate the amount of plastic such as hooks, and we have encouraged our woven label suppliers to have looms dedicated to running 100% recycled fibre.

We plan to offer all our business partners alternative sustainable and environmentally friendly options to complement their current production needs by the end of the decade.

To help us meet our goals it is part of our business plan to open a new weaving company which will only produce woven labels from recycled yarns.