Learn Our Story

To kickstart TRS’s blog we have written a short article on ‘who we are’ and ‘what we do’ to help you understand our story.  

TRS has probably created labels and packaging for many of your clothes, but the likelihood is you do not know who made them as you have probably thrown away the evidence. This is one of the reasons we wanted to create a blog to communicate with consumers and brands how important labels and packaging are. Not only for the brand’s communication purposes but also for the environment. Especially as our products tend to be thrown away, except for our woven label and care labels, but don’t get us wrong, they are sustainable too. In our current climate everything should be sustainable, this is a core value of ours which is why we always provide sustainable solutions for our clients. As TRS is a global company we strive to ensure our supply chain is ethical, most of our production processes are in-house allowing us to keep strict control over workflow and quality.  

So, let’s talk a little about why TRS was created. We established TRS in 2009 drawing on our experience in the labelling and printing industries. We saw a need for well-designed products and seamless service within these industries. TRS believes in executing clever, bespoke support for the retail and fashion industries. Providing ingenious, luxury designs which stand the test of time. Over thyears we have built a network of international offices, production sites and factory partners. This enables us to provide our products and services in each of our business partners regions. We have production facilities in Turkey, India, Hong Kong and China.  

By intentionally investing in partners who keep the planet and infrastructure in mind, our environmental and social position comes naturally. At TRS we believe we are better than our competitors and are continuously improving the fashion industry. We are committed to a greener world because according to Green Match, fashion is the second-largest polluter. fact everyone in the fashion industry should be aware ofOur values stem from creating professional support for retail which does not impact greatly on the planet. We are working with Oblong Trees to reduce our carbon footprint and are aiming to be carbon neutral by 2028. Throughout our business, we ensure we continuously track our progress and hold ourselves accountable. 

TRS is an expert within the industry and works with leading retail companies at the cutting edge of innovation. Our excellent and professional services come down to our team’s wealth of expertise drawn from many years of experience. Thus, enabling us to design packaging and trims that fulfil our clients’ needs. The innovation and open-minded attitude we bring to the table pushes our manufacturing and designs, creating a range of bespoke products.