The Real Gentleman Of Football: An Interview with Ola Williams and Warren Mfula from Corinthian Casuals

Football can be a tough sport to follow as it comes with many pre-judgments and attacks from the media. But Corinthian Casuals are above this and are made of more…

The Corinthian Casuals are built on sportsmanship and loyalty. To this day, the club still adheres to the founding principles of amateurism, fair play and the ‘Corinthian Spirit’. The Corinthian Casuals changed football and expanded it across the world. Their rich history has inspired many through their gentlemanly language and attitude on and off the pitch. 

Corinthian Casuals pioneering team in 1897

The club stands for values that are still highly regarded today. Sportsmanship and fair play are central to their ethos, a factor that separates them from the masses. The club is volunteer-based, proving their love for the game and loyalty to the sport. Being a non-profit football team can be difficult which is why we are proud to sponsor them and keep this incredible team alive.

Ola Williams pictured in our emblazoned shirts

We had the pleasure of interviewing Ola Williams and Warren Mfula to discuss the importance of the club and what it means to play for the Corinthian Casuals. Ola said, ‘playing for Corinthians is all about pride, heart and courage. We go out there each week not fearing anyone whether they are the league above or the playoff contenders’. He continues by explaining how this mindset is wired into the players from day one and how playing for a close-knit club allows you to get the most out of yourself. Warren similarly spoke of being part of the team, like a family and where everybody involved is genuine. Warren also proudly said, ‘playing for a club rich in history with notable past players who represented England in international levels and wearing the same colours as those brave men wore is a massive achievement’.

Warren Mfula pictured in our emblazoned shirts

We asked them what separates them from other players at different clubs? Warren explained how he plays for passion and love of the game with helpful guidance from his knowledgeable and experienced management team. Interestingly he says, ‘you hear what other players earn in other clubs and wonder if that budget is cut, would these players remain at the club?’. He bluntly concludes with ‘I don’t think so, that’s the difference!’

Being the principal shirt sponsor for the last three years we know how far the team has come and want them to continue to prosper. Ola explains why the continuation of the club is so important, ‘Corinthian Casuals is a major part of football in so many aspects, to field the national team with all casual players is a testament to how well run the club is and the quality of players’. The club has a massive influence on the football we play and watch today. Ola powerfully describes how learning the history of the club and its wider impact on football can give him comfort and ‘we all need an escape from everything’. Similarly, Warren says, ‘we live by history, history is what defines us and for us current players we will try our best to add to that’. In many ways, this is similar to our work in TRS because we use our knowledge and history to create innovative designs and foster new talent.

Ola Williams pictured with Corinthian Casuals Fans

At TRS we share the Corinthian values of fair play, sportsmanship and most importantly the ‘Corinthian Spirit’. This magical word is synonymous with all the players and rightly spoken by Ola, ‘how can we not?’ Being a player at the club Ola understands this, he explains how seeing fans travelling across the map rain or shine to encourage and enjoy the atmosphere shows the Corinthian Spirit. Warren also exclaims, ‘I wouldn’t be playing for the club if I didn’t have the Corinthian Spirit’, these core values of sportsmanship, fair play and respect are wrapped up within the word and in the player’s beliefs on and off the pitch.

The Socrates Day is on the 6th of December and the club is in full swing prepping for the day. Warren describes the day as ‘an amazing day that celebrates the life of one of the best players Brazil has given the world’. He says, ‘it’s an honour to wear the Pink and Chocolate colours worn by a great player, leader and legend in Socrates’. 

Socrates historic game in Sao Paulo in 1988

We believe our support at TRS can ensure the club remains in our history and prospers with the help of their inspiring players, such as Ola and Warren. The upcoming Socrates day on the 6th is one for our calendars, the club has lots planned and with our help we have commissioned a talented artist, Francesca Morris to illustrate Socrates. The painting is pictured below and to purchase this unique print click the link:

Socrates illustrated by Francesca Morris

To round off this blog we reflect on Warren’s words, ‘it’s important to know where you’ve come from and carry on the values implemented by previous peoples to lead the next generation’. An important quote to remember for Corinthian Casuals and Socrates.