The New Normal For Retail

As the world starts to become normal again, we reflect on the past lockdowns and what the new normal is for retail. What will retail look like, and how will the wider fashion industry respond to the ongoing challenges of climate change? 

We all have a common understanding of the virus and are aware of the turmoil it can create. In this sense, the virus has brought us closer and united us. At TRS we want retail brands to feel valued and secure, our services enable brands to communicate authentically to customers before they purchase. 

With our everyday life turned on their heads through lockdowns and shop closures, how we buy – and what we buy – has had to change. Retail is one of the sectors most affected by COVID-19, in both positive and negative ways. 

Grocers, pharmacies, and e-commerce marketplaces are finally sustaining customer access to essentials. At the same time, store closures and sharp declines in discretionary consumer spending have crippled nonessential retail (other non-food, apparel, fashion, and luxury products). Many retailers have already had to make tough choices, including temporarily or permanently closing doors, furloughing employees, and more. Despite this challenging environment, past crises have shown that times of hardship grow new ideas and open opportunities for value-driven innovation. 

One of the more joyful phenomena of the past year has been seeing how, in the face of what can seem like escalating injustice, activism has re-emerged from the margins. As an increasing number of brands and customers have become more proactive in seeking out eco-friendly products. With TRS you can reduce your plastic pollution by using our recycled woven labels that utilise recycled polyester, manufactured using post-consumer plastic bottles and are certified by GRS (The Global Recycling Scheme). Through TRS, you can be part of the circular economy and help reduce your footprint on the planet without hassle. Research from Accenture at the end of 2020 found that 60% of consumers are making more sustainable, ethical choices since the start of the pandemic, and nine out of ten expect to continue.  

Not surprisingly there has been a massive acceleration in digital adoption by customers and e-commerce sales are on the rise. Online deliveries increased by ten years over the course of just eight weeks (ASBCI, 2021). Hence, retailers with an overreliance on stores have been the hardest hit, with some big names disappearing from the high street in the last year.  

With widespread disruption likely to continue, the pandemic’s impact has prompted new thinking about how services are delivered. With the help of our specialist team at TRS, we deliver excellent ideas and an innovative range of products. Our wealth of expertise allows us to maintain a professional service. We work in dedicated account teams supported by online ordering including real-time tracking and international production.